Solar Panel Installation

Installation is straight forward and is generally completed within a day for the average house. If solar is to be installed on the roof, our team will erect scaffolding to access your roof and then install the panels. If a battery is required, our engineers will discuss with you, once they have visited your location the best place for this to go.

Once installed, you can download an easy to use app to monitor your generation and usage and look forward to the end of large electricity bills.

Common misconceptions

  • They are so expensive, I won’t see a ROI – Solar is not as expensive as it used to be and installation adds value to your property. With the rate on which energy bills are rising it wont be long before they have paid for themselves.
  • We don’t get enough sun – even on cloudy days your solar panels generate electricity
  • My property isn’t South facing so it wouldn’t be worth the installation costs – you do not need to have a south facing property to generate electricity. Our team will visit your site and advise you of the best location for your panels
  • What if I move? Solar adds value to your property and will make it more desirable to buyers


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